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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Original Green and the Lowcountry: Of this Place.

Original Green and the Lowcountry; Of this Place.

Beaufort and the Lowcountry is a very special and unique place in the world. We are very lucky to have a place like this and we need to be respectful of what we have. We also need to be respectful for the world we live in and realize that our collective and individual actions affect the world on a daily basis.

The things that make Beaufort and the Lowcounty what they are, are the things that I call “of this place”. These are the things that we all would collectively identify the Lowcounty with, things like a Live Oak tree or a deep comfortable porch or fresh from the river seafood. These things are part of the Beaufort DNA, they are part of all of us and come from our collective character, history, culture, natural and built environment.

Things “of this place” can not really be from any where else and together, they define a place. Beaufort has its DNA of place as does Charleston, Savannah and other great places. Many places, especially places built post World War II, really don’t have a nature or “of this place”. Those poor places are built from generic building blocks and are typically very auto dependant and hard on the natural environment. How many places have you been too that have the same section of streets with the same businesses and you really don’t have a clue if you are in Atlanta, Chicago or Dallas.

Beaufort has a distinctive DNA and has a great “of this place” going on. Much of the growth in the are for the last several decades however has been not of this place. That means that each time we grow (and I believe strongly in growth) we grow away from where we are and where we all want to be. We need to insure that our future growth can raise the bar and insure that our future lies with in site our nature “of this place”.

On September 15th, I will be among several who are hosting national know architect and author Steve Mouzon. Steve is widely accomplished and will be here in Beaufort to speak on his latest book, The Original Green.

The Original Green the book, is composed of four parts; Understanding the problem, What can we do?, How can we do it? And What can I do. Steve’s book does a fantastic job of tackling complex issues and breaking them down to real life solutions. He outlines true sustainability in the form of principals and then unlocks the mysteries of how we can really use those principals to effect real change.

One of the many core principals in the Original Green is growing the right way. Ways that promote a healthy balance of the DNA “of this place” as well as ways which can enhance the DNA of a place. Please join me for a wonder evening with Steve Mouzon, September 15th, 6pm at TCL on Ribaut Rd.

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