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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carlton Landing, Oklahoma Progress

More exciting progress on the construction of our first five units at Carlton Landing. The first four are a cluster of courtyard, rear yard and duplex units that operate over a common semi-public space. See here
for an earlier post and site plan. Very advanced block and unit design.

Rearyard unit on right that terminates public courtyard space. Our belief is that the creation of these publci realm spaces is a great economic value builder that costs is the perfect case of advanced block design building value.

Street frontage on primary street. Context is a transition zone of T-4 into there Village Square area (T5).

Small affordable rearyard unit looks and loves grand with its double porch fronting the public space. Its a tiny unit area wise.

Materials are local sources timber and brick masonry. Again we are a transition to the most urban part of the project and we wanted to begin the change in vocabulary from the more common T3 single family to the more Territorial Masonry Village Square.

This is a first glimpse at Carlton Landing's first flex buidling. This unit was designed as a great multi-use buidling in a house form for its T3 context. We are incorporated design tools that allow it to be a retail or serivce space, a single family unit, a mulit-family unit and a bed and breakfast. All with only minor interior changes. This is sustainable building at its core...there will never be a need to scrap off this building no matter what its best use becomes.

Great work by Grant Humpreys and the Carlton Landing Team.