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Friday, August 21, 2009

Classical Architecture for a Cause

Classical Architecture Can Be Fun!
Back in May 2009, we collaborated with Moser Design Group to build an entry for the Playhouse Palooza fundraiser to benefit the Riverview Charter School. Designed by our two semester interns from Andrews University, the intention was to create a theater for kids. The front porch is the acting stage, and shuttered rear window can be used for puppet shows. Members of both firms collaborated towards the design and building efforts, with help from local builder Leo Gannon.
originally posted 8.21.09

Monday, August 17, 2009

The T5 Public Realm: Shopfronts, Awnings, Balconies & more...

CNU17 Presentation - Private Frontage Secrets
Eric presented on the T5 Public Realm at the last CNU in Denver. Specifically, this presentation shows images and drawings of different ways buildings interact with the public realm.

Friday, August 7, 2009

School Design - Part 1

Are Schools the True Hearts of our Communities?
We are very excited for the opening of Beaufort County’s 1st Charter School, Riverview Charter School. The overwhelming collaboration and help from our local community to get Riverview started encouraged us to think about how schools really fit into communities these days.
Up until the early 20th century, schools were civic hearts of communities. Today, new schools are functional institutions for learning and little else. Consequently, modern school design is significantly different than it has been throughout history. These differences can be clearly seen on a variety of scales, from the macro to the micro. From the school location and campus structure, to the forms and typologies of the buildings, down to the specific architectural character and detailing of those buildings, schools are no longer given the thought and consideration in design that they once were.
originally posted 8.7.09