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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Habersham Farms Project

Habersham Farms Project - The Beginning
Brown Design Studio, along with Moser Design Group is hosting a group of students from Andrews University for their Spring 2010 Semester. They will be writing periodically about their farm project for Family Farms Foundation’s Habersham Farms in Beaufort, SC. They will be designing a series of buildings for the farm, building one of them, and completing pricing sets for others, so that they’re ready for farmer Pat Gallagher to build.originally posted 2.3.10

February 3, 2010
We are students from Andrews University interning at Brown Design Studio and Moser Design Group from January through April 2010. One of our biggest projects during the semester her e in Habersham is the work we are doing right here in our own neighborhood. We are working with farmer Pat Gallagher, Brown Design Studio, Moser Design Group, as well as T&D Landholdings to develop an architectural scheme and plans for the local farm here in Habersham. The program for this project is designed to provide many things that typical farms do not including:
1) Provide fresh local produce directly to the community through a shares program;
2) Provide educational opportunities for locals, students, and interns to learn about agriculture and its history in South Carolina;
3) Provide a hands-on experience of the daily workings of a locally sized farm;
4) Become a center for other local farmers to share facilities, equipment, ideas, and techniques.
Our contribution as architects and planners is to design functional buildings that benefit the farm as well as contribute aesthetically and functionally to the community now and in the future. We aim to accomplish this through responsible and effective site planning, and through designing flexible buildings that can provide for a variety of uses that can evolve with the changing and growing needs of the community.