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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Savannah's Whitfield Square

This is Savannah's Whitfield Square, one of the last Squares, being laid out in 1851. Sitting astride Habersham Street, this is a more residential scale square with the historic fabric being all two story forms. This view looks East on Wayne St.

Unfortunately, the North side of the Square is under siege by failed Modernist Buildings. This lovely six story (ca.1954) gem is vacant and decaying away. It sits next to a carefully restored 19th century simple rowhouse which, while very simple, is far better in its scale and proportion. Funny how only the good stuff gets restored.

Here is the other invader for the North Side of the Square. A wonderful 12 story brutalist tower. This thoughtful architect actually put the service entrance on the corner. Terrible.

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