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Friday, March 12, 2010

Habersham Farms Project - The Buildings

Habersham Farms Project - The Buildings
Brown Design Studio, along with Moser Design Group is hosting a group of students from Andrews University for their Spring 2010 Semester. They will be writing periodically about their farm project for Family Farms Foundation’s Habersham Farms in Beaufort, SC. They will be designing a series of buildings for the farm, building one of them, and completing pricing sets for others, so that they’re ready for farmer Pat Gallagher to build
March 12, 2010
The project for Habersham Farms has been developing quite nicely. Our group of interns has been working on a redevelopment of the master/site plan as well as designing some prototypes for the main farm buildings. There will be four main buildings, which are as follows:
1.Kitchen/Pavilion: the footprint for this building will be around 3,500 sq. ft.. The function of this facility will be to teach cooking classes and serve as a community meeting point for various activities.
2.Education/Gallery building: this building will be approx. 2,500 sq. ft. on two floors. It will contain a large space that will be used for educational and mass media gatherings as well as office space, a kitchenette, and additional storage space. The main idea for this building is that groups can come here to learn about the functions and history of Habersham Farms while also learning about farming methods for the South Carolina Lowcountry.
3.Bunkhouse/Gateway: this building is about 4,000 sq. ft.. It will be two stories and will contain a bunkroom with kitchenette upstairs with locker rooms and a main storage area on the ground floor. The hope is that the bunkhouse could house anyone, students or workers, who may be working at Habersham Farms for a semester or indefinitely. It also derives its gateway name because the building will consist of two sections on either side with an open middle porte-cochere on the ground floor. This will provide a visual axis and connection from the main farm area to the barn.
4.Barn: there will be a typical barn that will draw its character from many SC Lowcountry barns. It will house livestock as well as be a storage space for various crops. There will also be an area where machinery and equipment can be repaired.
There will be various other structures and small outbuildings which really make the farm function as it should. These include greenhouses, a windmill, and shading/storage structures. In addition, our group is designing a prototype vegetable stand that will be located on Cherokee Farms Road. From this stand Farmer Pat will be able to sell daily to those customers who desire fresh, ripe, locally grown fruit and produce.
This past Wednesday we had a review of this project with farmer Pat Gallagher, Patrick Kelly from T&D Landholding’s and local Habersham architects, Eric Brown and Eric Moser. We had a good discussion regarding the implementation of these designs. As this project moves forward during the next few months you can follow its progress on this blog.

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